Collaborative Algae Research in Colorado May Yield Creative Energy Solutions

A student conducts research on algae at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. Photo by Ethan Green. While renewable energy is typically thought of as a product of sun or wind, researchers at Colorado State University say byproducts of plant life may yet yield one of the more important sources of fuel over the next century. The researchers are developing new methods to derive energy from algae and other plant life. Known as biofuels, the energy products not only offer an opportunity to power vehicles, they also can generate the polymers and chemical compounds necessary to create plastics and other petroleum-based products inherent in daily life.

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Solar Industry Calls Xcel’s Proposed Rate Changes “Disinsentive”

Following in the footsteps of public utilities across the U.S., Xcel Energy is proposing rate changes that the utility says will bring it into lockstep with a changing energy landscape. But the rate changes are drawing the ire of the solar industry in Colorado who say the changes do not encourage homeowners to embrace clean energy technologies. Former Denver Post Energy Reporter Mark Jaffe discussed Xcel’s proposed rate changes in an interview on Empowering Colorado. Jaffe said rate changes are needed but they should accommodate alternative energy sources.