Statement of Support for Empowering Colorado from Mark Stutz — Media Spokesperson, Utility Industry

July 19, 2017

As a long-time journalist and utility industry professional communicator in the Rocky Mountain region, I have for many years watched with concern the contraction of our print and broadcast
newsrooms, and in turn solid news media coverage of my industry. It is truly amazing how little thought is given to content these days, and how our society has begrudgingly accepted this condition. I am convinced that as we continue to downsize the journalism profession – to discourage those professionals who can ask the questions, gather the facts, and compose stories in a logical and unbiased manner – we will wake up one day with
nothing to read that is meaningful or trustworthy. This, of course, is already happening. In the utility industry alone, we increasingly are seeing many for-profit, agenda-driven entities masquerading as news media outlets.

Statement of Support for Empowering Colorado from Doug Hock — Director Of Media Relations, Oil and Gas Industry

March 18, 2017

As a media relations professional in the oil and gas industry, I greatly value a strong, independent media covering the industry. It’s my professional responsibility to act with transparency and honesty in communicating about my company and industry. However, as a party with a vested interest, my credibility is limited. The same holds true for communicators associated with other energy sectors, environmental activists, regulators and public officials. Unfortunately, the public seems to have despaired of finding unbiased third party news sources, instead retreating into the echo chamber of whatever outlet and voice fits their viewpoint.